Parts and accessories designed for CT2.0 to make the trike safe, comfortable and practical on the road, whenever you use it for training, racing, commuting or touring



Comfortable and ventilated seat pad designed for CT2.0 made of Spacer Fabric 3D Mesh, similar ventilation system and life span as Ventisit but softer and less sticky

Three sizes to fit all riders perfectly:
Small - Up to 5'9" (175cm)
Medium - 5'9" - 6'1" (175 - 185cm)
Large - Over 6'1" (185cm)

Price: $127



BCT tool-free adjustable headrest, 3D printed and injection molded with soft cushion
Can be used both as Neckrest or Headrest
With integrated mount for Tail Light and Safety Flag (with rubber insert)

Price (complete): $184

Double function pedals with SPD on one side (include SPD clips for the shoe) and platform on the other, with bolts keeping shoes in place even in the vertical position when riding the trike
Low weight: only 360g (13oz)

Price: $43



CT2.0 fender in carbon fiber composite for the rear wheel with 3k glossy finish
Designed together with CT2.0’s frame to fit perfect
Adjustable for different tire size and clearance
Rattle proof and silent even on rough roads
Provides a good looking and lightweight protection from splashes on wet roads as well as road dirt on dry roads

Price: $118



BCT rear view mirrors with real scratch proof mirror glass and with aluminum base
Perfect convex shape and size to give a good view back on the road without reducing the view size too much
Easy to adjust, stabile and stays in position even on rough road
Asymmetric design where the base also functions as a hand rest
With integrated reflectors for added safety
The best trike mirror on the market – period!

Price: $33



Safety flag with BCT print, made of super bright yellow Hi-Vis fluorescent fabric with bright reflective ends
5 ft long 3-part foldable black fiber glass rod, installed on the trike: 7 ft from the ground
For added visability and safety: With 20" tassel made of orange fluorescent ribbon with bright reflective middle

Price: $48



BCT 3D-printed mount in UV-resistant PET for both the Safety Flag and Tail Light
Place the tail light in perfect position for maximum visability, free from the fender
Fits most bike tail lights on the market using seatpost mount

Price: $28



BCT 3D printed mount in UV-resistant PET and rubber for headlight
Place the headlight in perfect position to see the road and traffic ahead
Fits many of the bike lights on the market that are made to attach on the handlebar (1" tube)

Price: $28


bike computer mount

BCT mount for bike computer, smartphone etc
With 22mm (7/8") carbon fiber tube and CNC machined aluminum base
Adjustable and lightweight yet stiff enough to handle larger GPS bike computers and smartphones

Price: $42


Rack & bags

CT2.0 rack system made of high strength (6061-T6) aluminum and rubber to fit standard panniers with self-locking hooks (Quick-Lock) e.g. Ortlieb in a perfect position for maximum stability and minimum air resistance
Use proven, practical, affordable and waterproof panniers instead of having to use special non-waterproof recumbent banana bags and still get the same benefits
Lightweight, yet strong enough to handle full 2x20L touring bags (40lb/18kg)
The CT2.0 and the Rack System were designed together to create the Ultimate Fast Touring Machine!

Price: $124


Easy Boom Adjust System

CT2.0 chain gobbler that makes it easy to adjust the boom length without having to change the chain length
Recommended for trikes with several users, for demo trikes and for riders who wants to adjust the trike several times to find the perfect boom position
Allow 5 inches of boom adjustment, equal to 10 inches in different riders length
The Easy Boom Adjust System is easy to install and use, does not affect the ground clearance, adds very little resistance and is almost noiseless
3D printed in PET and rubber with aluminum tube and Terracycle chain idlers

Price: $187


Easy to reach drink water system with 2 liter (1/2 Gallon) bladder inside the frame
Complete with fabric protection bag, mount and quick release for the hose
Fillable with the bladder inside the frame or outside from bottles or water taps

Price: $97


bottle cage

Bottle Cages made of carbon fiber composite
Extra good grip protects the bottles from falling out in the upside-down position under the seat
Easier and more convenient to use than the Hydration System
Sold as pair (Left & Right) with assymetric design

CT2.0 can be equipped with up to 4 bottle cages (2 pair) at the same time - under the seat (easy to reach) and behind the backrest

Price (one pair): $87


Brake Level Protections

Protections made of soft 3D printed rubber covering the brake levels to protect from water and road dirt that can affect the function of the brakes

Price: $32


crankset protection

3D printed crankset protection kit designed for the crankset used on CT2.0 (SRAM Force 22 Carbon)
Chainring protection in PET with stainless fasteners that fit into the chainring bolts
Also include rubber crankarm protections
Protects both the chainring, the crankarms and the clothes (from chain oil) during daily use

Price: $56


Included with all CT2.0 from 2024 and later!

BCT nylon bag to fit inside the trike frame, include multi tool and mini pump to adjust the trike when getting the trike ready for rides or on the road, additional space for spare tubes, wallet, phone, keys or other stuff needing protection when stored inside the trike frame

Price: $68


Bundles with complete set of parts and accessories to make it easy and convenient for you to get your CT2.0 directly ready for the road, for training or commuting or even touring. Saves money compare to buying the parts separately and you get all parts installed on the trike, ready to use imediatelly. Recommended for all riders using the CT2.0 in mixed trafic

The Bundles are only sold together with CT2.0 and does not add any cost for handling and shipping or assembly, complete bundles are not sold to old trikes (but you can buy the parts separately)


Minimized bundle just with the parts needed to get the CT2.0 ready for training and racing in daytime traffic

Include: Seat Pad, Neckrest, Left Mirror, Safety flag, Pedals

Bundle Price: $400

Bundle Saving: $35 compare to buying the parts separately


Everything you need to get the CT2.0 ready for the road for training and commuting, to make the trike safe and comfortable, just add lights

Include: Seat Pad, Neckrest, Carbon Rear Fender, Left Mirror, Right Mirror, Safety Flag, Pedals, Headlight Mount, Bike Computer Mount, Brake Level Protections

Bundle Price: $600

Bundle Saving: $88 compare to buying the parts separately


Everything you need to get the CT2.0 ready for long trips, for fast touring and commuting
Just add pannier bags and your CT2.0 is the Ultimate Fast Touring Machine!

Include: Seat Pad, Neckrest, Carbon Rear Fender, Left Mirror, Right Mirror, Safety Flag, Pedals, Headlight Mount, Bike Computer Mount, Rack System, Bottle Cages (one pair), Brake Level Protections, Crankset Protection

Bundle Price: $850

Bundle Saving: $105 compare to buying the parts separately


Gear Upgrade

Gear upgrade for riders in hilly areas that want to ride faster downhill with their CT2.0 without suffering the low gears for climbing
53/39T crankset and 11-46T cassette instead of the standard 50/34T crankset and 11-42T cassette gives 568% gear range!

Also recommended for strong riders as the larger chain rings lower the tension in the long chain when pedaling hard

Includes the Easy Boom Adjust System to get the chain tension exactly right as this gear combination stretches beyond the official limits for the rear derailleur
The Easy Boom Adjust System also makes it easier to adjust the boom length getting it exactly right or adjust the trike for different riders without needing to change the chain length

Price: $385


Tools to maintain CT2.0 in addition to standard bike tools used in most cases. Not recommended for the usual CT2.0 rider but only for pro trike mechanics


Mount that makes it possible to hang the CT2.0 in a standard bike stand (i.e. Park Tool Repair Stand). It is ideal when service with the trike, assembly and adjusting parts and allow free rotation for easy access (may be limited by the bike stand). Stabile construction in aluminum with a 50 mm tube for the bike stand and 3D printed rubber details against the trike frame as protection

Price: $137


Tool set for removing the front wheels, reach the bearings and lace the wheel spokes
Fit CT2.0 and first generation CARBONTRIKES with SL wheels (not Tune hubs)

Include: 3D printed adapter for the front wheel bubs to fit standard wheel truing stands, End cap tool, Allen key

Price: $78


Tool set for very precise laser alignment of the trike front wheels

Normally only used when parts of the steering is replaced (as all trikes after 2023 is perfectly alligned from the factory and should not be adjusted later), but can be used for CT2.0 sold before 2023 (as these trikes may not be perfectly aligned) or if somebody has changed the perfect wheel alignment
Fit CT2.0 and all first generation CARBONTRIKES

Include: 2 magnetic lasers for the brake rotors, Pop-up projector screen with alignment lines, 13mm wrench

Price: $237

The prices are valid until next update. CT2.0 and parts and accesories are sold directly to customers within United States and international. All prices are without sales tax. Customers may have to pay use tax directly to the state. Specifications and prices are subjected to changes without notice.

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