The lightest trike in the world – 11,5 kg!
Superlight wheels
Superlight hydraulic brakes
Advanced custom carbon fiber lay up


CARBONTRIKES Race Aero gear CARBONTRIKES Race Aero front wheel CARBONTRIKES Race Aero neck rest



CARBONTRIKES Race SL model is a further development of the world's lightest and fastest trike, the successful CARBONTRIKES Race. Here we have gone a step further to make the trike even faster and far lighter. By a much more advanced lay-up of carbon fiber in the frame and handlebars. As well as the use of lightweight components and wheels, we have been able to reduce the weight even more. Together with the use of lightweight competition tire the acceleration and riding uphill will be made with a smile. On the SL model we optimize the carbon fiber lay-up based on the customer bodyweight, length and riding style.

The CARBONTRIKES Race SL is suitable for racing, mountain/hilly areas, fast training and appreciates by every experienced connoisseur who searches an extremely light, fast, and hand-built trike. The laser adjusted steering give minimal rolling resistance and it is precise on fast serpentine roads.

For those who use their trike as a fast daily, for touring or looking for good comfort before maximum speed, we recommend CARBONTRIKES Race as it is a more robust trike or for the one who are, looking for an aerodynamic trike made for breaking speed records on the road, we recommend to take a look at CARBONTRIKES Race Aero.


USA and outside EU: 7490 US$

EU 6950 € (include 25% Swedish VAT)
The trike is assembled, adjusted and the steering is laser aligned. In a just a few minutes you can adjust the trike to your personal needs and preference. The few tools required are included.


Frame: CARBONTRIKES Aero, Handmade in strong and lightweight aero grade carbon fiber prepreg in a monocoque construction. Advanced and optimized lay up based on UD for the customer weight. Naca 0021- profile. Integrated adjustable seat. Clear coated visual carbon 3K weave with scratch and UV-resistant varnish.

Adjustable part of the seat: CARBONTRIKES Carbon fiber non-crimp and 3K twill weave baked in autoclave with special UV-resistant gelcoat, polished.

Handlebars & Steam: CARBONTRIKES SL, Integrated aero carbon unit. Handmade in strong and lightweight aero grade UD carbon fiber prepreg in a monocoque construction. Clear coated visual carbon 3K weave with scratch and UV-resistant varnish. Naca 0024-profile.

Boom: CARBONTRIKES, Handmade in strong and lightweight aero grade carbon fiber prepreg in a monocoque construction. Advanced and optimized lay up based on UD for the customer length. Anti-rotation construction. Clear coated visual carbon 3K twill weave with scratch and UV-resistant varnish.

King pin: CARBONTRIKES Carbon fiber baked in autoclave, UD and random fiber. Clear coated with scratch and UV-resistant varnish.

Link rods: CARBONTRIKES SL Carbon fiber with low weight maintenance-free rod ends.

Aluminum parts: Super high strength 7075-T6, CNC-machined, red anodized.

Frame Color: Carbon fiber


Rear Derailleur: 10-speed, Shimano Dura-Ace (narrow range) or Shimano XTR (wide range)

Front Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra

Shifters: Microshift Carbon 10x2 or Shimano Dura-Ace 10x3

Crankset: Shimano Ultegra compact (50-34) or triple (52-39-30), (triple increase weight with 135g)

Cassette: 10-speed, Shimano Ultegra 11-28 (narrow range) or XT 11-36 (wide range) (wide range increase weight with 140g)

Chain: YBN S10C hollow pin

Idler: Aluminum 7075-T6

Headset: 3 x Tange Seiki, Japan machine bearings

Front brakes: KCNC X7, Hydraulic disc, 160 mm disc, super lightweight.

Rear wheel: CARBONTRIKES aero carbon - super high profile carbon, 24 holes rim, super light hub with alu body and axle, Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes, red alu nipples, titanium QR.

Front wheels: CARBONTRIKES aero carbon - semi high profile carbon 38 mm U-shaped rim, 24 holes side-hinged red super light Tune Cannonball hub with tapered 25mm 7075-T6 alu axle. Sapim Laser double reduced red alu nipples.

Front tires: Schwalbe Ultremo ZX, foldable (406x23)

Rear tire: Schwalbe Ultremo ZX, foldable (622x23)

Tubes front and rear: Schwalbe lightweight

Seat pad: Comfort (included), Optional: Ventisit 105 US$/105€

Pedals: Optional

Neck rest: Optional, Wide: 120 US$/120 €, SL: 195 US$/195 €


Total length: 215 cm* / 7'*

Total Width: 74 cm / 29"

Bracket Height: 39 cm* / 15"*

Seat Angle: 28°

Height: 70 cm* / 27,5"*

Seat Height: 19 cm / 7,5"

Wheel Base: 115 cm / 45"

Wheel Track: 70 cm / 27,5"

Ground Clearance: 7 cm / 3,1"

Turning Circle: 510 cm / 16' 8"

Steering: Self centering, Ackerman compensated, indirect steering with fully eliminated brake-steer and bump-steer, optimized for high speed cycling.

Front Wheels: 406 mm (20")

Rear Wheel: 622 mm (28”)

Max tire width: Front and rear: 28 mm

Weight: 11,5 kg** / 25.3 lb**

Person length: 160-195 cm / 5',3"-6',5" Shorter or taller on request, adjusted via boom and seat

X-seam: 90-125 cm / 35"-49"

Maximum load: 105 Kg / 232 lb

Storage space: Over 6 Liters / 1,6 US gal inside the frame, easy access

*Size adjusted for a 180 cm (5,9 ft) cyclist.
** The weight does not include pedals and seat pad. The weight can vary +/- 5%, then each trike is handcrafted.


Product prices and configuration are subject to change without prior notice.