USA and outside EU: 7490 US$
EU: 7950 € (include 25% Swedish VAT)

USA and outside EU: 8490 US$
EU: 8950 € (include 25% Swedish VAT)

USA and outside EU: 9490 US$
EU: 9950 € (include 25% Swedish VAT)

The trike is fully assembled, adjusted and the steering is laser aligned. In a just a few minutes you can adjust the trike to your personal needs and preference. The few tools required are included.


Payment: To get a place in the queue for your CARBONTRIKES, make a prepayment 500 US$ or 500 € (EU country) on PayPal or make a Bank Transfer. After the prepayment is done the rest of the payment will be made in two steps – half (50% of the amount) before the trike is started to be build and the rest when the trike is ready for shipping.

Bank transfer information:
IBAN: SE7850000000052011114071
Bank: SEB Sweden
PayPal information.

Account name for the transaction on PayPal: info@carbontrikes.com 


Warranty:  We offer a generous warranty on materials and workmanship. 5 years manufacturing defects on the frame and 2 years on other parts.


Transport: Shipping fee, including insurance and special made and sturdy packages. The shipping price is the same for one or two trikes.

USA (mainland): 595 US$
Japan, South Korea, Singapore: 595 US$
The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark: 295 €
Other EU countries (mainland): 395 €
Other country on request.

Delivery time: Due to the great demand on CARBONTRIKES the delivery time is minimum one (1) year, but the time may vary depending on the season.

Customs and Tax: For customers inside EU the VAT is included in the price and no customs or tax will be added. For US and non EU customers the trikes and all parts are sold tax free. Customs and local taxes may apply at destination depending on the rules of each country.

Duty Free to South Korea and Canada: CARBONTRIKES has an official customs authorization (No: SE/TTA/027871) for Duty Free export of trikes to South Korea and Canada!


Please contact us so we can help you choose the right trike for your specific needs and desires.